Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well, Some of you might know that Jeff has been "strenuously searching" for the perfect dog. Well he found it. American Indian Dog. He talks all the time about it. He says {We need AID!}  all the time. We got the number of some AID owners in our area from the breeder and met up with a family who was picking up their second AID at the airport. Thought you might want to see a picture of what our future dog-that we don't have yet-that jeff already loves-looks like.
We would love to hear name ideas. I want something that rimes with dora. Also, we thought Logan might be nice.

More of 509 Morton

We are still completing the demo on the house next door. We found a dead bat! Also, since there was no plumbing in the home for quite a while... we found 2 liter bottles and liquor bottles full guessed it: PEE! Yulk. Thought you might like these fotos!
Also, I found a  great antique vanity in the attic. Go me!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dora plays games

My parents came over last night for dinner and games. We had a delicious dinner of Salmon on the grill with whole wheat cous-cous and baked vegetables. Yummy! Then we played some board games. The best part was that Dora played with us. Check it out!

The Professor

When Jeff was younger, he was sent to his room to do homework. Instead of working, he stared at himself in the mirror and perfected the persona of "The Professor." This is halarious to me. So, when he helps me with my homework, he does this.  We have a video from our camera, but I can't figure out how to get the stinkin' thing on here. So the picture will have to do for now. I am so happy to be married to such an entertaining husband.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Jeff and I were having a discussion last night. One of the parts of marraige that is a struggle for us is that marraige seems to be very isolating. We love each other and spend most of our time together. As we compare our single lives to the present day, all of our great friends that we used to hang out with regularly have wives or husbands and kids! Not that those things aren't awsome, it's just that we tend to isolate within our small family units and Jeff and I are grieving the comradary of friendship outside of your significant other. Is it an inevitability that you must loose intimacy in friendships as you grow in intimacy with your wife? When I was in Highschool I hung out with a group of a least 4 girls most week-ends. Sleepovers, movies, and eating-out. In college, I had my room-mate and her friends and we had people over for get-togethers. Before marraige I had spontaneous game-nights and week-end camping trips. Now, if Jeff and I want to hang out with a "couple" we need to check our schedules. One friend was "penciled in" for a get to gether 3 weeks out! Then to top it off, they couldn't make it because they caught the flu. I dont think people are meant to live like this. Seriously, I want communal living!!

Sweat Equity

It's been a while since I blogged. I guess I haven't really deemed anything {blog worthy}. Well, some new things in sniderland are that Jeff has bought a new truck. It is the smallest truck in the world. No, seriously. He said that when he went to work, he parked it in front of another guys truck and the top of his cab wasn't even as tall as the other guys hood. I love it. We decided to sell Jeff's mountaineer and opt for a cheap junker cuz we have some serious financial goals we want to meet. Like Dave ramsey says "live like no one else, so later you can live like NO ONE else!"
Also, yesterday we started "demo" on 509 Morton avenue. It wasnt "true demo" because the people who lived there before us left tons of junk and crap. We spent three hours loading up the dumpster with rotten clothes, fermenting dog poop, broken VHS tapes, christmas decorations, furniature, and one dead mouse that was sitting in a bowl of water. He was transparent because he was marinating for so long. Yulk! I can't believe that people could live like that. I think they must have just given up on life. It really is kind of sad.
We are really excited about starting the work on that house. We have decided to move forward with total remodel and moving in there when it is finished. We plan to sell the house we live in now when the work is done.
School is going great still. I absolutley love it. I had some ladies from my class over for a study session on sunday. I felt so encouraged because they didn't really understand some of the concepts and after our group they did! I love teaching! The time flew.
Running is still happening just not as consistent in the past week. I did run 6 miles on Saturday but I didn't do my long run on sunday and did nothing on monday. Ek! I think I will run today. It is really hard to stay motivated.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Trip to Wisconsin

Jeff and I just got back from Wisconsin. We had a "reception" for all the people who were not able to make it to Tennessee for our wedding. It was pretty fun considering I knew about 25 percent of the people there. The really fun people to see were our old neighbors Phil and Linda and thier kids Melanie and Jenna who I used to baby-sit. Also, my best friends parents where there. It was like a flash-back, big-time!

We also did christmas with the sniders. The week was full of game playing, sweet-treat eating and football watching. Jeff's grandmothers full-time job is baking. She is diabetic and can not eat the stuff but she loves making it. I think that is so ironic, so we all eat it. I think I need to fast from sugar after that trip. ek!

We had a superbowl party aswell. Jerry, Marie, Jeff and Melissa. Marie made taco dip and little weenies, we were READY. Well, second quarter everyone was asleep except Jerry. We thought that was so funny. {what a great superbowl party} What is happening to us? We felt so old. The days of staying up to the wee hours is a faint memory.

Jeff and I did manage to do some running while we were there. I felt so proud of us. Februrary is the hardest month to stay dedicated. The weather wasn't really too bad and we were able to get all our runs in. (I did have one grouchy day when I DID NOT want to do it, but I did.)
Everything about our Wisconsin trip was great, getting home>>>>different story.

We left Lacrosse at 11 am on Monday. It was snowing pretty hard. Then through Chicago, the fog was REALLY bad. You couldn't see 10 feet in front of you. We drove 35 miles an hour. It was very dangerous. Then, at 11:30pm the cars stopped moving. There was a huge accident. We sat untill 2:00am not moving an Inch. It was awfull. Then once we got moving, a stinkin' sunami storm set in. Finally, we just stopped and got a cheap hotel room. We ended up getting home Tuesday at noon.
I am really glad to be back.