Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New York 3/4


I haven't stayed to what I set for myself. BLOG EVERY SUNDAY! This was my goal. Err.. I got busy.

Jack and I went back to Nashville last weekend at the last minute. I didn't get back to NY until Monday night and I was totally tuckered out. Alas, no blog! Then Jeff's cousins came into town and we have been hangin' with them. With my online class I feel like I am constantly on the computer. But, like flylady would say, "I can do anything for 15 minutes." So, here I am.


1. Body: the exhibit. This place was awesome. Real human bodies displayed. It was incredibly interesting, expecially since I just finished antaomy last semester.

2. Going back to Nashville was great. I had a weekend to reconnect with friends and not be by myself since Jeff had to go do a Kenny gig. I went to church, went to my community group, and got to connect with my AA girls at a book study. I saw my mom and dad. It was great. One highlight was spending the afternoon at my friend Julie's house (who is an excellent baker) where we made a bannana creme pie for my dad's birthday. It was so fun! THe pie turned out amazing!

3. Jeff's co-worker's wife Jennifer is finally here in NY. She has two kids (Evangilene, 3 and Cameron, 6mo). She has been in my shoes for the past two years. We have been having a lot of fun together in Central park. I am becoming sort of an expert on playgrounds.

4. Alas, Kenny did not give ANY bonuses this year and Jeff and I feel like the griswalds from Christmas vacation. It is a totally bummer. We were totally expecting a pretty big check. Boo. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. So we are buckeling down for a bit to adjust. I went to the grocery store and guess what? 3.29 for a head of lettuce!! Annie, I think I am beginning to understand how you feel. EK! If you can believe it, Whole Foods the the cheapest store to shop. So I got us some groceries and it's meals at home for a while. (not a bad thing)

Ok, well here are some pictures and I am going to try to blog on Sunday. (God help me)


Sunday, September 6, 2009

New York City 2

Hello All!

This week has been a good week!Where to start.


I found Weight Watcher and if you can believe it, I lost 1.8 Pounds. What the heck? It must be all the walking. Crazy, because I seriously have been eating what I want, when I want, and how much I want. Ekk! I think I am on a food bender. It is just too good. Jack and I met up with Jeff for lunch and then just walked around the rest of the day. I went to a Middle Eastern Restaurant for dinner that had rave reviews and the owner was known to be a total rude jerk. We'll he wasn't that mean, and the food was just okay. My first let down on the ethnic cuisine. My class started today officially. My paper is going to be on: The paradoxes in the Communist Manifesto. @*? wish me luck. The paradoxes in Freedom and Responsibility was already taken.


I went to the Peanut Butter Company in Greenwich Village. (This was the wonderful suggestion of my dear friend Julie H) It was incredible, seeing that I love PB! I had a cinnamon raisin sandwich. This included Cinnamon raisin peanut butter, vanilla cream cheese and apple slices. DELICIOUS! Then jack and I scoped out the neighborhood and some of the treasures that we found were; vintage clothing stores, a sassy rice pudding shop, handmade baby shirts (which I am going to try to do on my own), massage parlors, and a nice park. We sat in the park and I ate pudding. It was lovely. However, it is a little lonely. Jeff's co-worker''s wife and their two kids will be here next week and I hope to spend time with them during the days.
I went to an AA meeting and Jeff parented to finish the day.


Date night! So. First I will say that we finally met Holly Hall who is the daughter of Michele hall from Grace. She is a student in NY at the Kings college. She does babysitting for extra money. What a sweetie! It was such a God thing that Michele was able to connect us with her daughter and her daughters friends for babysitting while we are here.
Well, I searched for a "fun" place to have dinner in NY and "Lucky Cheng's" came up in my research. It is a dinner theatre slash drag queen show. The reviews said It was really funny and a good time. So, I thought we could check it out. It sure isn't something you would find in Nashville. I THINK OUR EXPECTATIONS WERE TOO HIGH. Well, There was quite a bit of "audience participation." I had no idea. it was a long night that had Jeff in full drag by the end of it... Yeah, this is Jeff chiming in here, good lord... NOT fun. Tried to be a "sport" about it but I'm not recommending drag shows as a good date night option for ANYBODY! Perhaps a good option if somebody loses a serious bet.


Today I walked to the MET, looked around for 2 minutes, then ran out with a crying baby. Er..I walked home. Then, at night I went to Zumba at the YMCA. It was great! It was the perfect mix between dance and cardio. The teacher told me about his class at on Saturday at the Alvin Ailey American Dance school. I talked about the class and him so much Jeff is suspecting me of cheating! (j/k)


Today we trekked to IKEA in Brooklyn. This is where I hiked the equivalent of the pyramids with a stroller and a car seat (with a child in it). Ain't no mountain high enough to keep me from IKEA. We took a water taxi back to the island...That was kinda cool. Jack and I stopped by Jeff's work and got some really cute pictures.
Jeff and I made home made pizza and watched a movie.


I did Zumba at a bonafide dance school. I was cool. I pretended like I was a Daaaaansir ( you know how to say it) I know it was just a dance fitness class for fatties, but for a moment, with the ballet bars and Manhattan skyline, a girl can dream. It turns out they have a ton of classes for "the general public." I would like to do a couple more. Then we strolled in Central Park. In the evening we went on a guided walking tour of Greenwich village. We met a couple from here on the tour and they have a baby the same age as Jack. Susie invited me to a mom's group and gave me her card. How cool! The tour was very interesting. We ended up leaving a little early cuz Jack needed to eat. Jeff did his best Arnold S. impersonation and said "walking tour over, taxi tour starts NOW!" he. he. Dinner at the PB company again.


Slow morning of home made egg sanwhiches and coffee. Jeff went shopping solo. Then, I met up with a new friend from AA, Zoe. We had coffee and went to the 4pm meeting. It was really nice. We had Mexican for dinner and now I am finishing what I am proud to say is my second blog post in two weeks. Yippie.