Thursday, May 8, 2008

Next Big Thing

Jeff and I joke alot about "N.B.T." which stands for "the Next Big thing." We both have similar personalities in this way; we get really excited about something and then after a certain amount of time (which varies according to how excited we are) we fizz out. The followthorugh on ideas is not owr stong suit. Some of my examples include: Mary Kay lady....(didn't happen)...Personal stylist...(even got business cards, how embarrasing)..Runner girl....(that's a whole nother story)....Ballroom dancer..(would have had to sell an organ to afford keeping THAT up)...I wont list any of Jeff's. It is his business to disclose his. (he.he.) I know that there are others on my list, just can't think of them right now. I used to really get on myself about this, but I have come to a place where I think it is kinda cute. I like the fact that I get excited about things. If something sticks..then great! If not, so what!?

All of this to say....I am becoming Vegetarian! I took Nutrition class this spring and learned alot about the affect of meat. Vegetarianism is also in the air at the school I work at. A student gave me a book called "Skinny Bitch," It is all about Veganism. Then I watched the Video "Meet your Meat." I kind of wish I wouldn't have read that book or watched that video. {Ignorance is bliss, right?} It totally opened my eyes, and in one day I wanted to become a Vegan. Then I decided that Veganism would just be too hard.(No dairy) I have done a few things, like switch to soy milk and yogurt and try to cut down on the chesse. I just can' t totally give up dairy. (at least not untill I become an amazing Vegan chef) It just limits so much of what you can eat. I even did my final paper for Nutriton on the harmfull effects of dairy.

So, I am in the process of checking out different Vegan and Vegetarian food products. Some are really good! The Vegan hot dogs on the other hand....GROSS! I tried to grill them and look what happened. It looks like some kind of venerial disease. I am not discouraged though...I will keep searching, because I haven't yet given up on this "N.B.T."

If you dare....