Tuesday, November 17, 2009

October 2009

It has been way too long since I wrote a blog post! Fly lady would not be proud of me. I have it clearly written down in my weekly routine that I will blog every Sunday. {What happens?} I am too busy writing down my routines to actually do them. (I think this is a paradox)

So, highlights since the last post are:
• Going to Virginia Beach to visit Jeff for two days. We had a wonderful evening on the beach. It was cold but we had dinner at this great seafood restaurant (catch 31). I had a blackened halibut, but they put brown sugar in the blackening spices with roasted root vegetables. Yum!! They had heaters on their beautiful patio that overlooked the ocean. We walked the shore, and then did our best to stretch dinner into an evening out. We even did coffee and desert to stay longer and soak in the ocean mist. I was thinking about what my friend Julie Hunt says about how she is reminded of Gods faithfulness when she is at the ocean. Every time we come back, the ocean is still there; steady, trustworthy. Just like God, always the same and so big! The waves are still crashing even as I write this post. Cool.
• I just spent a week in LaCrosse with the Snider Family. It was so great to be with family and not alone since Jeff won’t actually be home in Nashville until January. Wa-wa. Marie and I worked on making a scrapbook of Jacks first six months. It was really fun! Just like a good alcoholic, I couldn’t just do one scrapbook, oh, no. I had to do it in triplicate! I did a scrapbook for me, one for the Snider’s and one for the Kane’s. Moderation is for sissies. (he.he.) It was quite the project. I couldn’t have done it without Marie’s help. Also, we had lunch with Great Aunt Mary from Tomah while we were in town and did a Zumba class with the famous Helen Haley. Really fun!

Glad to be home for a few days. Next week we are off to spend thanksgiving with Jeff in Greenville, SC. Jack is becoming a very experienced traveler. He is really beginning to talk! We joke and say that he is going to grow up to be a politician with all this talking! He is eating baby food now and his favorite is green beans. He also can roll over really well.