Thursday, July 24, 2008

Talk about an intervention!!

OK. I know. I know. Well here I am with an update. For all of you who don't know: early Saturday morning my brother billy got into a horrible four-wheeler accident. He was visiting a friend in Maryland. We got the call that he was in the ICU and had a brain injury. My parents flew immediately there and I waited for Cat scan results. When we found he had bleeding in his brain, I flew up.
I spent 5 days in Baltimore at the university of Maryland shock trauma unit. It was really hard to see him. He was really fighting and struggling when they would bring him up from the sedation. He was terrified and totally confused and scared. They told us that he wouldn't remember any of the first few days and that made me feel a little better. The whole thing is a blur and a roller coaster of emotion. We didn't know if he was going to live on the first day and then we were worried about permanent brain damage. It was a waiting game to see how much his head would swell or not. I called everyone I could think of to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for Billy's life to be saved.
He had a tubes everywhere and a breathing tube down his throat. Well I am so gratefull to say that all of your prayers have been answered. He didnt swell much at all and didn't have to have any invasive procedures done to his head and when they took out the tube from his throat he was talking. His first words(after the swear words) were "I survived!" He wasn't really yet with it and his voice was all scratchy from the tubes. It was like his subconscience knew that there was a battle going on for his soul. It gave me chills! (and tears..if you know me at all)

I cant forget to tell you all about the "angel with feet" who came to comfort my mom and I. My friend Heather called her friend in Baltimore and she came and brought my Mom and I the mosto thoughtfull basket of things. She had prayers written on index cards, pamphlets on "how to pray in troubled times" and "praying when you feel spiritually empty" and cookies and two journals for my mom and I to write down our thoughts, a new testament and bath products...I could go on.. I feel like God was really taking care of us during this time. Thank you Joann!! I will never forget that.
He is now in a rehabilatation hospital and the doctors say that he will be the same Bill we always knew within 6months to a year from now. He is still a little confused but I am so gratefull to God and to everyone who prayed for him and for my family. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you.
God really did grant us grace and mercy during this time. We hope that Bill will be home by monday!!
I will write more later I promise!