Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Trip to Wisconsin

Jeff and I just got back from Wisconsin. We had a "reception" for all the people who were not able to make it to Tennessee for our wedding. It was pretty fun considering I knew about 25 percent of the people there. The really fun people to see were our old neighbors Phil and Linda and thier kids Melanie and Jenna who I used to baby-sit. Also, my best friends parents where there. It was like a flash-back, big-time!

We also did christmas with the sniders. The week was full of game playing, sweet-treat eating and football watching. Jeff's grandmothers full-time job is baking. She is diabetic and can not eat the stuff but she loves making it. I think that is so ironic, so we all eat it. I think I need to fast from sugar after that trip. ek!

We had a superbowl party aswell. Jerry, Marie, Jeff and Melissa. Marie made taco dip and little weenies, we were READY. Well, second quarter everyone was asleep except Jerry. We thought that was so funny. {what a great superbowl party} What is happening to us? We felt so old. The days of staying up to the wee hours is a faint memory.

Jeff and I did manage to do some running while we were there. I felt so proud of us. Februrary is the hardest month to stay dedicated. The weather wasn't really too bad and we were able to get all our runs in. (I did have one grouchy day when I DID NOT want to do it, but I did.)
Everything about our Wisconsin trip was great, getting home>>>>different story.

We left Lacrosse at 11 am on Monday. It was snowing pretty hard. Then through Chicago, the fog was REALLY bad. You couldn't see 10 feet in front of you. We drove 35 miles an hour. It was very dangerous. Then, at 11:30pm the cars stopped moving. There was a huge accident. We sat untill 2:00am not moving an Inch. It was awfull. Then once we got moving, a stinkin' sunami storm set in. Finally, we just stopped and got a cheap hotel room. We ended up getting home Tuesday at noon.
I am really glad to be back.


At February 12, 2008 at 1:20 PM , Blogger Annie Garman said...

I love the new wedding picture of you two! {jealousy!!} I cracked up reading your comments on my blog...{baby factory...communal living...we can do it!}
I miss you so much. Colby just told me you called yesterday. We are ALL four sick. I hope to talk to you soon.


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