Monday, January 28, 2008


We are training for the half-marathon here in Nashville in the Spring. "Music City Marathon" I started my {relationship} with running about two years ago. I was convinced that I would never be fit like that. I mean, I used to smoke ALOT and eat horrible foods. But two years ago I went to the YMCA around January and decided to start "working out." I couldn't even run for 1 whole minute on the treadmill. Ek! After running my one minute I went to sit in the sauna and I was reading "Health" magazine or something like that. They had an article that was about setting reachable goals. One of the examples they gave was to try and run a mile without stopping. That was IT! I spent about a month trying to reach that goal and I did. The next thing I knew I was running a half-marathon in September.
I am going for it again. It is almost harder this time because I have a previous success to look back on and compare how awfull I am right now. Every step last year was one that I had NEVER done. This year it is psycologically harder. You know what I mean?
Anyway, saturday I was going to do my "time-trial", this is when you run 2 miles as hard as you can (all out) too see what your max heart rate is so you can set up appropriate training. This is harder than the stinkin' marathon in my opinion. I was going to do it at the "Zoo run" that they have here in Nashville so that the energy of the crowd could carry me through the hell I was going to enter into. It cost 38 bucks! So, jeff and I decided I would just do it at the park.
Jeff paced me through it and let me tell you...People at the park probably thought he was tourchering me. te.he. I was breathing so hard and so loud I was even crying. (I am so dramatic)
I was so happy that it is over.
No where to go but up :)


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