Friday, January 25, 2008

509 Morton Avenue

I wanted to showcase some "before" pictures of 509 Morton Ave. so that all of you who know our drama with that house could see what we got ourselves into. For those of you who don't know, I will re-cap it.
We moved in at 507 morton and met our very interesting neighbors. Bobby, Bobby Jr., BooGoo and Little Bob. Yes, these are there real names. They are the most red-neck people, but the sweetest too, bless their hearts. They pretty much ran a drug house over there. I was a little scared of the people I saw coming in and out of that house. I thought that I would at least try to befriend them a little, as to not be on there bad side. I learned a lot about the family.
  • Bobby Sr. wife and daughter died 3 years ago. Wife of cancer, daughter of a drug overdose.
  • The kids of the dead daughters Dad is in prison and the uncle who is 21 is taking care of them.
  • Those kids grandmother is a drug addict.
  • Boo Goo was pregnant when we met her, but now she is in jail for attempted murder of the baby-daddy after  he became paralyzed from a staff infection.
  • Bobby got into a car accident recently and his face came "off" he told me that he saw that movie "Face-off" and didn't believe that could really happen. He told me "That shit is real." He came to my door and I didn't even recognize him.
Anyway, This family has bad luck after bad luck. They owned the home outright, but got a second mortgage on it a few years ago. Well, they used that money to bail bobby Sr. out of jail and never fixed up the house. They were 4 months late on the payments. Bottom line foreclosure was well on it's way. Bobby approached me about selling his place. 
He offered a pretty low price and we wanted to buy. We tried to get a mortgage on the place, but with much struggle, the bank would not lend us(or anybody) money for a home that was in such bad shape. We offered them what was in our savings account(much, much less than the sales price), and they took it. 
Now, we don't know if we should level it, rent it, or sell it. We are just sitting on it for now until we get advice from some of Jeff's friends who are in this business. 


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