Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sorry So Long

Hello all. Sorry it has been a while since I blogged. I guess things are pretty normal around the Snider residence. Jeff is working a few days a week with our neighbor and friend in his hand-man business and all his other time he spends in demo-mode at 509. We have almost filled up another dumpster. Our general contracted friend is actually coming over today to give us his opinion on the house since demo started.
Jeff and I also started "date-night" last week. We each want to take turns planning a date for the other person all the time it being a surprise. So, I went first. I took him to Yazoo brewing company(a microbrewery here in Nashville), for a tasting and a cheese and fruit plate. Yum. It was very vibie and cool. Then I had the best thing planned..A wrestling tournament! Jeff loves wrestling, I can hardly pull him away from the TV when UFC is on. He is constantly trying to wrestle ME! I just go limp and refuse to participate so he ends up just "putting" me in the move. I knew he would love it! Well, we had like 4 inches of snow last Friday and it got cancelled. Er..
We ended up going to 10,000 b.c. (wait for video please) and walking around at Home depot expo center.
I had a break from my college classes last week because of spring break and I have spring break for my regular job next week. Er..They didn't happen at the same time so,Unfortunately I didn't get to go anywhere. Boo. But I still love school. Nutrition is turning out to be a bit harder that I thought. During the class it seems so easy. Don't get me wrong I definitely study but I got a 80 and83 on the first two tests! {oh, no!} I need to get over a 93 on all the rest of the test to end up with an A. {oh,no!} I am going to have to double my efforts. Any who. That is an update for now.


At March 14, 2008 at 5:50 AM , Blogger Jessica said...

love that I found your blog, Melissa!


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