Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Things are going well. I officially finished my chemistry class. Yippee, I got an A! Do-do-do, Do-do! That is me tooting my own horn. I am so excited. It was a really hard class. Thanks to God, to my study group (Fernando and Yolanda mostly), and to Jeff, without all of them I wouldn't have done so well. Jeff helped me with my paper. I am really good at studying and doing practice problems but I am not very good at writing. So, I had Jeff proof read what I had done. Jeff says that the introduction and conclusion are the two most important parts of any paper. He sat at the computer with me and VERY slowly went through every sentence of the introduction and conclusion making them spectacular. (all of you who know Jeff well can picture this) I tried to follow his lead with the body of the paper. I got my paper back and I got a really good grade! The funny part was what my teacher wrote as her comment. "good job--on the summary and conclusion" he.he. Jeff was so proud.

Jeff and I had a rare chance to spend some quality time together yesterday. We went canoeing. It was a great day for it. It was not too hot and not that many people where on the water. It was a nice peaceful afternoon and jeff patteled me all the way to the finish. Jeff doesn't have that many more days before NY. Boo.

I am currently a total bum! I lost my job and my summer-school class is now done. I feel totally useless! I would get a job, but I plan to go on vacation to st. John with Jeff (care of Kenny) in the beginning of September for a week and from there I will fly to NY to stay with him there until middle of October. So, I feel like waiting until I get back would be the best bet. For now, I think they need to make a new show "Desperate housewives of woodbine." I lay in bed and eat raisins. Then I get up and think about cleaning something and then I take another nap. Then i eat some trisckets. Then I feel bad for sleeping. Then I put on make-up to not feel like a total bum. Then I watch TV, then back to bed. Ok. I am making it sound worse that it is. That was only one day and I have been sick. But really, I prefer being busy.

The house is coming along. I am getting so anxious for it to be done. Ekk!

Also, I am doing BootCamp at the YMCA. This is an exercise class that is meant to totally kick your butt and blast you into the next higher fitness level. It is is 4 weeks long and Monday through Friday 5:45-7:00am. It is REEEAAALLLY hard. I am so proud of myself though. This is week 2 and I only missed one day(today) cuz my knees was hurting and I am trying to get over this cold.

I start A&P and Lifespan development on the 25th and they are both web classes. So, that is on my horizon. I am grateful for online classes because I can go to my bible study my AA meetings and get up and go with Jeff to NY! Also, I am a little nervous about the "online" part, I so love being with people and having {study groups}. Pictures below are: Summer Chemistry Peeps, Canoeing, and More house pics.


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